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1. Storytelling The story of NIAN (10-15 minutes) | CL, PSED, L, UW

2. Sing-along Guo Nian Hao (Learn Mandarin Rhyme "Happy Chinese New Year", 10 minutes) | CL, PSED, L, UW


3. Activities (Background Music: Mandarin Rhyme "Happy Chinese New Year", 20-30 mins) Children choose one of the activities, according to their own willing:

Activity 1 | "Big Clean Up" | Home Corner | PD, UW  
Activity 2 | Write + Post Spring Festival couplets | Table 1 &. classroom door or wall sided the door| PD, L, UW, EAD
Activity 3 | Making + Hanging Chinese Lantern | Table 2 &. string in the room or classroom door | PD, UW, EAD
Activity 4 | Cutting + Pasting window flowers | Table 3 &. classroom window | PD, UW, EAD
Activity 5 | Making + Counting dumplings (play-dough) | Table 4 | CL, PD, M, UW
Activity 6 | 'Cooking' dumplings + 'Eating' dumplings (play-dough) | Home Corner &. Table 5 | PD, PSED, M, UW
Activity 7 | Paper coloring or Free drawing” Happy Chinese New Year" | Table 6 | PD, UW, EAD


When Activities nearly done, if the time/situation allowed: 

4. Extra activity Watching "Chinese New Year TV program-Toddler Mandarin 2020 Chinese Spring Festival Show" (Shadow Puppets Drama, 10-15 minutes) | CL, PD, PSED, L, UW, EAD

Children can join in the role-play to control the shadow puppets and move it according to the narration.

To register

Please complete this Registration application form, if you are interested in our Toddler Mandarin team to visit your school and celebrate the Chinese New Year with your children together. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please contact us if you are having difficulties with the online form.

You are also welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.

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