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A Global Montessori Language Learning Platform


The China-Lebanon-UK Language Exchange Project (CLULEP), part of the Montessori Mandarin Outreach, fosters Chinese-Lebanese-British cultural and language exchange by offering online classes in Mandarin, Arabic, and English for children and adults. It features specialized curriculums such as Montessori Mandarin, Arabic, and English for ages 0-11, with globally recognized language assessments. Ages 12-16 engage with GCSE curriculums in these languages, culminating in GCSE exams, while students over 16 learn through Biblical texts, also leading to globally recognized language tests.

Funding and Management:

The CLULEP is supported by attendance contributions and partially funded by Montessori Mandarin, among others. It is co-operated by local organizations and community groups. All students are eligible to apply for the Montessori Mandarin Scholarship, as well as participate in various prize-winning competitions and activities organized by Montessori Mandarin and others. The Montessori Mandarin Bursary is available to students who are eligible.

Age Group:

For any age.


Each online lesson lasts 60 minutes. We offer 12 lessons per term, across 3 terms annually. The program also features an annual in-person and online celebration.

Learning Materials:

All learning materials are included.

Contribution Donation Structure:

  • Bank Transfer Donation: £120 per child, per term, payable before the first class.

  • Online Donation: £109 per child, per term, payable before the first class.

  • Early Bird Donation: £84 per child, per term, if paid by bank transfer by July 31, 2024.


Account Details for Bank Transfer:

  • Bank: Montessori Mandarin

  • Sort Code: 09-01-29

  • Account No.: 45242018


Montessori Mandarin Bursary is available to:

  • Children from UK households meeting any of the following criteria may attend free:

    • In receipt of 90% Council Tax Reduction (CTR)

    • Gross income (including benefits) under £25,000 per annum

    • Recipients of Free School Meals (FSM)

    • Subject to No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

    • Looked-after children (LAC)

  • Children from refugee households in Lebanon


Classes Registration Form:

  • For Children Aged 0-11

    • Montessori Mandarin Class

    • Montessori English Class

    • Montessori Arabic Class

  • For Children Aged 12-16

    • GCSE Mandarin Class

    • GCSE English Class

    • GCSE Arabic Class

  • For Students Aged 16+

    • Bible-based Mandarin Classes

    • Bible-based English Classes

    • Bible-based Arabic Class

Get Involved:

To join and collaborate with the CLULEP in your community and provide a wonderful Mandarin/Arabic/English learning experience for local children, please contact us at:

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