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The classes are Montessori prepared environment including QUALIFIED Montessori Mandarin teacher. With 20% adult led, and 80% of the children's activities are self-chosen. The environment is carefully prepared to support independence in thought and action. Mandarin social interactions naturally occur around the practicalities of community living. Mutual respect, self-discipline and concentration arise spontaneously in an atmosphere of freedom, in a place where there are interesting things to do. 

Carefully collected Montessori Mandarin materials are available for the child’s whole development in relation to EYFS. Based on the Montessori Mandarin curriculum, activities are ranged from singing and dancing, and pouring and cutting, to baskets of Mandarin language materials.


There are TWO types of classes with mixed-ages group (10-30 children per class):

Class I for 2-4 years old children

Class II for 4-8 years old children  

Duration | 1 Hour per Lesson per Week





Term 1

11 September – 11 December 2019 (12 weeks +1 Christmas Chinese Celebration)

Closed: 21 – 25 October (school holidays)

Term 2

6 January – 3 April 2020 (12 weeks)

Closed: 17 February – 21 February (school holidays)

Term 3

20 April – 17 July 2020 (12 weeks)

Closed: 25 May – 29 May (school holidays)





If your school is interested in collaborating with us, to launch the Montessori Mandarin classes in your setting for the children age from 2 to 8 years old, please Contact Us or register your school HERE

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