Full Payment of the Private Tuition/Beginner Level for 3 children per lesson


The Benefit of Full Payment of each level (12-weeks) tuitions will be including:​

  • Digital Parent's Guidance Book (worth £6.00) for FREE

  • Digital Key Words Flash Card (worth £15.00) for FREE

  • Digital Key Words Writing Pack (worth £15.00) for FREE

  • The first Handcraft Pack (worth £45.00 per package, postage fee included) for FREE


And if you apply the VIP Montessori Mandarin membership (£120.00 per year) at the same time, you will get: 

  • A MM Parenting Workshop: How to Support my Child/ren's Mandarin Learning in a Montessori way?  (worth £29.00) for FREE​

  • £30.00 discount for The lessons' videos (worth £60.00 per level). The lessons' video clips will remain online for an unlimited time so you and your child/ren can come back to them later to refresh yourseves.


The benefits of VIP MM membership are lots of discount for Montessori Parenting e-courses and more Mandrin Learning materials if you would like to prepare your home in a Montessori Mandarin learning environment. 😊


3 Chidren/Lesson Private Tuition | Beginner Level