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Start today + work at your child/ren's own pace


A 12-lessons online course that will really help your child/ren and you to focus on learning daily essential Mandarin at your own pace.


By following this course, your child/ren and you have gained some essential Mandarin words and sentences to communicate daily, including family relationship, greeting, daily routine, selfcaring, foods, numbers, shapes, and nature enviornment etc.. I'd love to help you as well. You can start today.


Weekly you will receive a link to a new lesson


Course including:

  • New video lessons, as well as text (for those who learn in different ways) 

  • Digital Parent's Guidance Book, Key Words Flash Card and Writing Pack (Beginner Level)

  • A private Facebook group where you can share photos of your child/ren's homeworks/ achievement and receive feedback from others


The lessons will remain online for an unlimited time so you can come back to them later to refresh yourself.


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For COPYRIGHT reasons, please keep it for you and your OWN children to use and do NOT to spread to others. If your friends' or relatives' children would like to have it, thanks for you recommend to buy it from MM and you can get "recommended rewards" points for your further purchase.

Montessori Mandarin E-course (Beginner)