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Montessori teaching do not have the tests for children, but the teacher do access the children's self-learn process by observing their manipulating during the activities. This activities pack is for the learning assessment. Parents/teachers could find out how well the children have grasped their learning contents by observing the children's manipulation of these materials. This activity could help children to avoid the negative feelings and burdens about Mandarin tests.


If the children can manipulate this activities expertly, it means that the children have grasped the contents well and they could be encouraged to move forward to learn further and more. 


For COPYRIGHT reasons, please keep it for you and your OWN children to use and do NOT to spread to others. If your friends' or relatives' children would like to have it, thanks for you recommend to buy it from MM and you can get "recommended rewards" points for your further purchase.

Printable Activities Pack (for Beginner Level, 0-4 years)