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Printable PDF in clear folders/laminated to muti-useable


‘Writing Pad’ is a Montessori principle materials. Through repeating this activity, the children self-learn to write the Mandarin characters diving by their own mathematical logics. And repeating this activity also help children to self-construct their mathematical order and satisfy their human tendencies of orientation, exactness, manipulation, epetition, self-Perfection and work (also described as "purposeful activity")


It is an essential choice for the families, who would like their children to get the international qualified Mandarin certificates(YCT and HSK)after few years Mandarin learning , to benefit their children' careers in the future. 


For COPYRIGHT reasons, please keep it for you and your OWN children to use and do NOT to spread to others. If your friends' or relatives' children would like to have it, thanks for you recommend to buy it from MM and you can get "recommended rewards" points for your further purchase.

Printable Key Words Writing Pad (Beginner Level)