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A Global Montessori Parent-Child Cloud-Class | Difficulties are Always Our Stepping Stones

Mixed-age Groups

0-4ys | 4-8ys | 8-12ys 

Mother Playing with Baby

0-12 month


Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

13-18 months

£12.00 per trial

£7.00 per lesson

Girl with Braids

19 months-12 years

£15.00 per trial

£10.00 per lesson


Students Sitting on Staircase


£20.00 per lesson

£15.00 per lesson


Learn Mandarin based on Montessori methods, through rhymes, songs, games, stories, plays and activities repeatable at home.

Age | Birth to 18 yo
Duration | 1 hour per lesson, with 12 lessons (Beginner-Level 2) or 36 lessons (Level 3-7) per level
Location | Worldwide/Zoom

Cost | Beginner-Level 2 Free (Birth-12M) or £42.00 (12-18m) or £84.00 (19m-18yo) per Level | Level 3-7 £252.00 per level

Learning Materials Cost | Handcraft Pack* £45.00 per pack (UK postage fee included) | Montessori Mandarin Materials (MMMs)

Trial Class | Saturdays | 0-4yo 9.15-10.00am | 5-8yo 10.15-11.15am | 9-12yo  11.30am-12.30pm (GMT)

Beginner Level Time | 0-4yo Saturdays 9.15-10.00am or 2.45-3.30pm | 5-8yo Saturdays 10.15-11.15am or 1.30-2.30pm| 9-18yo Saturdays 11.30am-12.30pm or 3.45pm-4.45pm (GMT)

Level 1 Time | Sundays | 0-4yo 9.15-10.00am | 5-8yo 10.15-11.15am | 9-18yo  11.30am-12.30pm (GMT)

Level 2 Time will be arranged individually.

* The handcraft materials are for children aged under 18. Parents can prepare by themselves if they have spare time.


Payment Including

1 x 45 or 60 min interactive Zoom lesson each week

for 12 weeks. Special Lockdown Offer!


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How to Support my Child/ren's Mandarin Learning? 



New Students'


shop-Parent's Guidance 0.jpg

Prarents Guidance


A Digital Book as Parents' content




Beginner to Level 2 Students'


shop-digital flash card.jpg

Key Words Flash Card


Montessori Mandarin digital learning materials


for Beginner Learners


Half Price for Level 1&2 Learners

shop-digital K writing pack1.jpg

Key Words Writing Pad


Montessori Mandarin digital learning materials


for Beginner Students


Half Price for

Level 1&2 Students



Facebook Group

For Parents of Montessori Mandarin 




Theoretically Montessori is a physical-touch and face-to-face method to support children's development, however Corona-virus makes this impossible. Should we stop supporting our children to build their bright futures? Well...


Montessori Mandarin Cloud Classrooms provide the opportunity for children to learn. At the Beginner level children learn interactively alongside their parents. These are Teacher-Child-Parent interactive e-classes.


Activities are half adult led, and half the children's self-chosen activities, including activities repeatable at home, to support children's independent thinking and learning in Chinese/Mandarin, and to cultivate children's independence. The cloud classes are carefully prepared to support independence in thought and action. Mandarin social interactions naturally occur around the practicalities of community living. Mutual respect, self-discipline and concentration arise spontaneously in an atmosphere of freedom, in a place where there are interesting things to do. ​


Montessori Mandarin VIP Membership

(£120 anually)




Sign Up for FREE membership 



Cloud Classroom

£24.00 Discount

£84.00 Montessori Mandarin

Cloud Classroom Classes

for £60.00 


Unlimited Refresh

£30.00 Discount

£60.00 Montessori Mandarin

E-Course, accessing unlimitedly

for £30.00 


Massive Discounts

Lots of Discounts for

Other Courses and

Learning Resources

Internationally Recognised

Mandarin Certificates

Do you hope your children achieve 

Internationally recognised

Mandarin Certificates

for their future careers' benefits?

Completed Montessori Mandarin

Beginner to Level 3

can take the YCT test.

Completed Montessori Mandarin

Level 4 to Level 7

can take the HSK test.

Super Hero Kids


2020-2021 TERM DATES

Term 1

7 September – 11 December 2020 (12 weeks +1 Christmas Chinese Celebration)

Closed: 26 – 30 October (school holidays)

Term 2

4 January – 2 April 2021 (12 weeks)

Closed: 15 February – 19 February (school holidays)

Term 3

19 April – 16 July 2021 (12 weeks)

Closed: 31 May – 4 Jun (school holidays)

Keyboard and Mouse

Sometimes it might take around 3-6 months for a space to become available so we recommend joining the waiting list as soon as possible. Then we will contact you when there is a space. 


  • Once there is a space in a class for you, you will sign up for a specific day and attend on this day once a week for 1 hour. Each child is to be accompanied by one adult/carer. Twins or siblings may come with one adult/carer.

  • All sessions are offered in Mandarin–circle time. Each session includes Mandarin rhymes and songs.

  • English and other non-Chinese speaking children are very welcome–a great opportunity for your child to be introduced to Mandarin. The qualified Montessori Mandarin teacher also speaks English but uses her/his Mandarin with the children.

  • There are 8-15 toddlers in each cloud-classroom. 

  • Younger siblings may come along but pay for a space once they are 12 months old. Half price for the child between 12-18 months

  • If your child is sick or you are unable to attend, you may book in for a make-up class. Only one make-up class is allowed per child per level.

  • Free cancellation before 4 weeks of the beginning of the course. If you cancel before 2 weeks of the beginning of the course, a cancellation fee of £30 will be charged to cover administration costs. Cancellation within 2 weeks before the beginning of the course are non-refundable.

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