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Introducing Our Courses

Embracing a Dynamic Hybrid Learning Approach Offering both Online and In-person Classes, Interactive Workshops, and Hands-on Teaching or Learning Experience within a School Setting of Your Preference.


AMI Montessori Training and Academic Support

Welcome to the AMI Montessori Trainings (Taught in English) and our Chinese-Language Coaching Academic Support program, where we combine the excellence of AMI Montessori education with comprehensive Chinese-language coaching. Our program is designed to accommodate individuals from various Chinese backgrounds looking to expand their knowledge and skills in Montessori principles while gaining a globally recognized AMI qualification:

  • AMI Orientation Courses (Previously Assistant Certificate Course, Taught in English) - £840: This globally recognized qualification provides a deep understanding of Montessori principles for ages 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, and 12-18. Ideal for beginners, classroom assistants, and those exploring Montessori education at different levels. The course is online, offering flexibility with durations of 3, 6, or 12 weeks.

  • AMI Assistants Adjunct Course (Taught in English) - £115: Designed to complement AMI training, this course allows hands-on experience as Montessori assistants, leading to AMI certification. Tailored to support aspiring Montessori assistants in their professional growth.

  • AMI 12-18 Adolescent Workshop (Taught in English): Delve into the developmental needs of older children and youth, and explore key aspects of the Montessori adolescent program. With 9 online sessions, this workshop is suitable for trained Montessori educators, professionals working with adolescents, and parents. Stay informed about upcoming AMI Adolescent Introduction Workshops.

  • Montessori for Dementia, Disabilities, and Aging Course (Lead to a qualification, Taught in English) - £580: Learn about Montessori's person-centered approach and its applications for older adults, individuals with disabilities, and those with dementia. This course, conducted over 6 online sessions, caters to caregivers, family members, professionals in elder and disabled care, and Montessori enthusiasts.

  • AMI Orientation Qualification Coaching Course (Taught in Chinese) - £1,000: An Chinese-language academic coaching course providing a comprehensive overview of Montessori principles and practices for various age groups. Whether you're new to Montessori or an experienced classroom assistant, this online, part-time course lasting 3, 6, or 12 weeks is tailored to your educational needs.

Embark with us on this educational journey to enhance your understanding of AMI Montessori training, paving the way for a fulfilling and impactful career in education.


Montessori Mandarin Teacher Training

Are you passionate about guiding children through engaging, child-centered learning? Explore the transformative Montessori Mandarin Teacher Training program, where innovation and excellence merge to shape educators dedicated to the Montessori approach and Chinese language immersion.

As the premier Montessori Mandarin teacher training provider in the UK, we offer the esteemed MM certificate, recognized as the pinnacle of Montessori Mandarin teaching certification. The program features a hybrid learning model that includes online classes, London workshops, and tailored teaching practice. Our programs also offer a direct pathway for UK students to access scholarships.

  • MM Teacher Qualification 0-3:(£7,600) Immerse yourself in Montessori theory and practice for children aged 0-3 in a biennial curriculum. Gain practical experience through two summers of training in London, preparing you for roles in MM-certified Montessori Chinese preschools, infant communities, or with parents.

  • MM Teacher Qualification 3-6:    (£9,300) Delve into Montessori practices for children aged 3-6 with a comprehensive program starting annually in September. Opt for a one-year full-time intensive or a two-year part-time training in London, culminating in valuable teaching experience. Graduates emerge as qualified teachers in MM Children's Houses.

  • MM Teacher Qualification 6-12:                 Stay tuned for our forthcoming course dates for 2025-2027, offering an exploration of the Montessori approach for ages 6-12.

Embark on an enriching and rigorous Montessori Mandarin Teacher Training journey to unleash your potential in fostering young learners and celebrating cultural diversity in education.


Notably, 80% of our graduates secure employment within three months of graduation, and 100% of graduates secure employment within one year of graduation.

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Montessori Mandarin Education

We provide a distinctive and immersive learning experience by combining the Montessori method with the vibrant culture of China. Our diverse programs cater to a wide array of needs and interests:

  • Montessori Parenting Course (Taught in Mandarin only) - £200: Explore the application of Montessori Education for children aged 0-6, focusing on supporting emotional resilience. This online course merges Montessori principles with modern insights on emotional development, tailored for parents of young children.

  • Chinese Culture Workshops -£70 per session: Engage in immersive sessions that bring Chinese culture to life, allowing participants of all ages to delve into traditions, arts, and language in a hands-on setting.

  • Montessori Family Playgroups -£360 per year: Join these nurturing gatherings designed to foster early development and language acquisition in a Montessori-inspired environment, creating a space for families to learn and connect.

  • Accredited MM Educational Providers: Our accredited Montessori Mandarin educational providers maintain high standards of excellence and innovation synonymous with Montessori and Mandarin education.

  • Toddler Mandarin Projects -£252 per year:    In a Montessori-inspired environment, immersing toddlers in Mandarin   through playful activities, songs, and interactive experiences that encourage curiosity and joy.

  • Montessori Mandarin Cloud Classrooms         -£720 per year: Access our flexible online learning opportunities, bringing the Montessori Mandarin experience directly to your home for continuous learning, irrespective of your location.

  • Montessori Mandarin Private Tuition               -£70 per lesson: Tailored for personalized learning and accelerated progress, our private tuition programs are custom-designed to meet each student's unique requirements, led by skilled educators.

Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive and engaging educational journey that blends Montessori principles with the cultural heritage of China, ensuring a holistic and globally aware learning experience.

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