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Apply VIP Montessori Mandarin Membership (£150 per year) will be get £100 discount.


If you don't know how to prepare the Mandarin home environment, and want 100% Montessori, this homeschooling package is a good option.



  1. Parents/Teachers' Gudance Book
  2. Key Words Match Card
  3. Challenge Words Match Card
  4. Key Words Mandarin Writing Pad
  5. Challenge Words Mandarin Writing Pad
  6. Key Words Sentences Pack
  7. Challenge Words Sentences Pack
  8. Activity Pack 1 for 0-4 years old
  9. Activity Pack 2 for 3-8 years old
  10. Writing Homework for 5+ years old


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All in 1: Homeschooling Package (Beginner Level)

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