A Global Montessori Parent-Child Cloud-Playgroup:Difficulties are Always Our Stepping Stone



Learning Mandarin based on Montessori methods, through rhymes, games, stories, and repeatable activities at home.


Theoretically Montessori is a physical-touch and face-to-face method to support the children's development, however, Corona-virus makes it difficult and dangerous to happen. Should we stop to support our children to build up their bright futures? Well...


Montessori Mandarin Cloud Classrooms come, and with the children's parents/carers, we change the difficulties to be the children's stepping stones. It is a Teacher-Child-Parent interaction e-classes.


With half adult led, and half of the children's self-chosen activities including repeatable activities at home, to support child's independent thinking and learning in Chinese/Mandarin, and to cultivate child's independence. The cloud classes are carefully prepared to support independence in thought and action. Mandarin social interactions naturally occur around the practicalities of community living. Mutual respect, self-discipline and concentration arise spontaneously in an atmosphere of freedom, in a place where there are interesting things to do. ​

Age | 12 months to 8 years
Duration | 1 hour per week and 12 weeks per level
Location | Worldwide/Zoom

Cost | £84.00 per level (including the digital Prarents Guidance, Mandarin Key words Flash Card and Writing Pack) and

Optional Cost* | £45.00 per Handcraft Pack (postage fee included)

Time | Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays | Beginner Level: 9.00 – 10.00am and Level 1: 10.15 – 11.15am (London Time)

Trial Class | Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays 9.00 – 10:00am or Fridays 10.30-11.30am

After completing the Beginner - Level 3 learning, the child could book the YCT** test. After completing the Level 4 -Level 7 learning, the child could book HSK*** test.

* Parents could prepare the handcraft materials by themselves.

** The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international standardized Chinese language test which is directed at examining non-native primary and secondary school students' ability to apply Mandarin language in their studies and daily lives. Please contact us if your child/ren would like to take the test.

*** The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Mandarin language in their daily, academic and professional lives. Please contact us if your child/ren would like to take the test.





Term 1

7 September – 11 December 2021 (12 weeks +1 Christmas Chinese Celebration)

Closed: 26 – 30 October (school holidays)

Term 2

4 January – 2 April 2021 (12 weeks)

Closed: 15 February – 19 February (school holidays)

Term 3

19 April – 16 July 2021 (12 weeks)

Closed: 31 May – 4 Jun (school holidays)

Holidays time please see Montessori Mandarin Holiday Club


If you would like to booking the classes or join our waiting list to have a trial class (£10.00 per child), please follow the instructions HERE. Sometimes it might take around 3-6 months for a space to become available so it's recommended to join the waiting list as soon as possible. Then we will contact you when there is a space. 




  • Once there is a space in a class for you, you will sign up for a specific day and attend on this day once a week for 1 hours. Each child is to be accompanied by one adult/carer. Twins or siblings may come with one adult/carer.

  • All sessions are offered in Mandarin–circle time each session includes Mandarin rhymes and songs.

  • English and other non-Chinese speaking children are very welcome–a great opportunity for your child to be introduced to Mandarin. The qualified Montessori Mandarin teacher also speaks English but uses her/his Mandarin with the children.

  • There are 10-20 toddlers in each cloud-classroom. 

  • Younger siblings may come along but pay for a space once they are 12 months old.

  • If your child is sick or you are unable to attend, you may book in for a make-up class. Only one make-up class is allowed per child per level.

  • Free cancellation before 4 weeks of the beginning of the course. If you cancel before 2 weeks of the beginning of the course, a cancellation fee of £30 will be charged to cover administration costs. Cancellation within 2 weeks before the beginning of the course are non-refundable.


Montessori Mandarin Holiday Club YouTube/Facebook Club for Children Up to 8






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