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Montessori Mandarin Teaching Assistant Training

The Montessori Mandarin Teaching Assistant Training offers a specialized curriculum designed for those keen to integrate Mandarin language learning into Montessori educational settings. Graduates are prepared to support Mandarin instruction in Montessori classrooms, facilitating both language acquisition and comprehensive child development.

This course is tailored to merge Mandarin teaching methodologies with Montessori principles, catering to a range of developmental stages from 0-3 to 12-18 years. It is delivered online, featuring live instructional sessions alongside flexible, self-directed study options.

2024/25 academic year course fee – £1200

Enroll in our Montessori Mandarin Teaching Assistant Training for a unique educational experience that blends language learning with child-centered educational methods.

Who is the course for?

  • Individuals aiming to specialize in Montessori environments where Mandarin is a key component

  • Prospective teaching assistants in bilingual Montessori settings

  • Parents and caregivers interested in bilingual education

  • Educators and professionals seeking to enhance their skills in child development and language teaching


What will I learn?


  • Integration of Montessori educational practices with Mandarin language instruction

  • Child development theories with a focus on bilingual education

  • Effective strategies for Mandarin language immersion in a Montessori classroom

  • Collaboration techniques with Montessori teachers to foster a nurturing learning environment

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Upcoming Montessori Mandarin
Teaching Assistant Training Courses

Stay informed about future dates for the MM TA Training courses! 

How will I study the Montessori Mandarin Teaching Assistant Training?

  • Live lectures and interactive discussions with experienced trainers specializing in Montessori and Mandarin education.

  • Demonstrations of teaching techniques specific to Mandarin language instruction within a Montessori context.

  • Opportunities to observe classroom interactions and complete brief assignments.

  • Self-directed study including access to recorded lectures, instructional videos, and relevant readings.

  • Please note that for the best experience, the use of a desktop computer or laptop is strongly recommended for all live sessions.

Who can take the Montessori Mandarin Teaching Assistant Training?

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

  • A minimum of GCSE / Level 2 qualifications or equivalent is required.

  • The course is conducted in Mandarin but includes English subtitles; therefore, proficiency in both languages is beneficial.

  • Applicants may be interviewed via Zoom or a similar platform.

  • International students are welcome, and the fees are consistent for all students, regardless of location. The course is accessible online from anywhere in the world, but participants should ensure they can access and use Zoom in their country and accommodate the time zone differences.

What will I need to do to gain the Montessori Mandarin Teaching Assistant Training qualification?

  • Maintain at least 90% attendance in the course.

  • Complete 9 hours of observation in a Montessori classroom where Mandarin is taught.

  • Submit three essays of 500 words each, reflecting on your learning and experiences in the course.

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