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How to Support Your Child/ren's Mandarin Learning Journey in Your Daily Lives?


At the moment we offer THREE e-courses: 


1. Mandarin Phonics | 12 weeks/course | £59 

1. After this course, you can read any Mandarin characters to your children from none.

2. Teach Mandarin at Home with Montessori way | 6 weeks/course | £59 

2. After this online course, You EVEN can teach your children Mandarin at home with our Montessori Mandarin Materials and Curriculum. 2. You will experience how your children are developing their Mandarin. 🙂

3. Montessori Mandarin Style Home | 4 weeks/course | £59 

3. In this online course, you will be taught how to prepare a Montessori home environment that assists you to teach your children 

3. Mandarin. (You will be amazed that how the prepared environment is to support the children's Mandarin learning and any learning. 

3. 🙂) We also offer the Interior Design Service to develop your home/Mandarin corner environment as a Montessori stylish home/Mandarin corner. 


If you are interested in a space in any of our parenting e-courses, you can join our waiting list as HERE

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